eggless vanilla cupcake recipe by sanjeev kapoor

So I romoved the rack and just placed it on glass plate for 10 min… Any other thing I can use instead of stick… Sorry to bother you…but I really trust your words and your recipe. Can we add tutti fruiti & nuts to same recipe to make a fruit & nut cake? Hello Chitra, I have never weighed the cake after baking. Any tricks for the same plz. Thank you! Hello mam, I have a query how long can v store eggless cake with curd in it or dairy product without refrigerator, Your email address will not be published. My readers have done it by adding xanathan gum and 1 flax egg. :) ….this recipe is surely a keeper…i tried eggless cake for the first time…and for a big occasion with 20 guest it was a big risk…but paid off superbly…thanks again/…, I would like to know few other things..if you could help…from where do you buy your baking supplies in US…e.g color…tips..cake/cupcake boxes..etc …….and…..which butter do you use for baking esp for buttercream frosting etc……TIA. the crust has to be soft , and it softens more after cooling. I haven’t noted this recipe in grams , but I can say it’s a forgiving recipe , dry cups will work . They are the perfect addition to any birthdays, school parties, celebrations, and I-want-a-cupcake … I got a nice flat top once I removed it from the oven.. Thanks for stopping by Pooja and trying a recipe too. Hey Khushbu, this recipe sounds yum and perfect. Hope you love them too. But the cakes made with curd or buttermilk are not sticky. This is my first time seeing an eggless recipe which uses 1 cup of yogurt so it really made me think twice. I have another query this time! Bake four and then bake the remaining 2 cupcakes. Eggless Vanilla Cupcake Recipe By Sanjeev Kapoor 7 853 Simple Recipes For Eggless Chocolate Cakes Craftlog India. Hello Shazia . This easy eggless vanilla cake cupcakes recipe no condensed milk no butter is the best Eggless Vanilla Cake / Cupcakes recipe ever!! May be try covring cupcakes loosely with foil mid way while baking, hope that makes a difference. At present I haven’t noted the ingredients in weight. Hey Tripti , this is a fantastic question and many readers ask me too :). But for about next half of teh batter I added 2 tbsps of cocoa powder and thought to make chocohe cupcales but got burnt in the 7th minute only. *1 cup equals how many grams? Hi khusboo ji I am sure you will love yogurt in baking after you make this recipe. Wanna try these baking receipes. Hello Lakshya, after measuring the granulated sugar you can pulse in the blender to powder it. As an ardent baking fan ,I have been trying and testing a lot of recipes for years now . Divide the batter into two moulds. Still moist after 3 days. The finished cake after layering and frosting is 3″ in height. Stumbled upon on your blog when I was searching for a a good recipe of eggless vanilla cupcakes.. And what a wonderful blog you have here!! Please. Google+. Will be trying it out a couple of times be fore actually making it…, oh ok , the stick actually ensures cooking from middle because the mold is special shape, skip cornflour and use apf / maida instead as doll cake needs pound cake type batter, thick and sturdy,reduce liquid by 1 tablespoon , reduce temp by 25 deg f/ 12 deg c – so cook at 325 f or 168 deg c and cook on the middle rack . Thanks a lot! Have tried ur dosa recipe nd chocolate cake recipe.. The texture was perfect n tasted great. fill pan 3/4 full and dont forget to insert the rod which comes with the pan, Hii khushboo. Eggless Cakes are not so easy to perfect. Do one thing, lets chat at length on my facebook page carveyourcraving ( blog not personal ) in message section. Did you check the effectiveness of your leaveners . I made it fit my mom who has egg allergy. And do revert after experimenting. Swati, Thank you Swati. I tried this cakes lots of times taste is amazing but It seem bit oily, is it possible to reduce oil in cake .. I had planned long ago but finally got time to bake. i have dry cups only. Dear khushbu, have 3 queries related to your eggless vanilla cake.Im going to use wilton dinosaur shape cake pan which is 12 and 3/4 inch X 11 inch in size. just a question can I substitute butter/oil with dalda or vegetable fat? Hey hi, Nisha , refer to my eggless / vegan strawberry cake recipe for the same ! Sponge Cake .. Don’t forget to save some if you desire to frost them . I will soon do cakes again and lemon cake is on my list. What might be the reason? Esha the cake sounds absolutely delicious. Isn’t the both different ones? I got a sinking top cupcake. I tried your recipe for cupcake, Cupcake was so fluffy and airy.I tried first time with yogurt,I was so happy with the outcome. hema. Hey Misha the little chef with lot of potential , glad to know that you enjoyed the cupcakes. Mix it lightly . The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe With Cream Cheese, Sugar Cookie Recipe Without Baking Powder Or Vanilla, Sugar Cookie Recipe For Decorating With Royal Icing, Pocahontas Song Lyrics Steady As The Beating Drum, Pocahontas Song Colors Of The Wind Lyrics, Pocahontas Ii Journey To A New World Trailer, Pocahontas Ii Journey To A New World Full Movie, Pocahontas County Iowa Caucus Results 2020, Pocahontas Colors Of The Wind Piano Sheet Music, Pocahontas Coloring Pages Disney Princess, Minimalist Beauty And The Beast Wallpaper, Martha Stewart Sugar Cookie Recipe With Royal Icing. Copyright © 2020 -2021 I tried the above recipe with few changes. The details are mentioned in the post. Lot of leavening agents. Did you overmix ? Your email address will not be published. Yes you may add a cup , maximum 1.5 cups . First time huge order, Zeba, thank you dear ,yes you can use the vanilla cupcakes recipe for making rainbow and marbled, Hi Khusboo, just wanted to check if we are using a half butter half oil combination can we add it together or at different stages Which oven are you using. Will update soon . wilton doll mold takes approx 2 times the batter, can remember as I had made it last year. it is Nita Mehta’s recipe thought of letting u know if it helps. Ganache requires no tools. If using a spoon do a cut and fold method towards the end i.e just scoop the batter and fold it back 8-10 times to incorporate air. Thank you for a lovely feedback. . Or will it change the proportions? Everybody in my family loved it. I truly love your style and the magnificent recipes! Would the proportionsof ingredients need to be modified? How to rectify it can u please help me. You may put the batter in the fridge in the coolest section for up to 2 hours . My kids loved it.. And wet ing . We have to use both upper and lower rods for baking right.and one more query.what if I half the ingredients?do I need to change the baking time?plz help me out. Adding caramel sauce will make the cake texture sticky and dense. Please advise.. thanks again! Thanks a lot ?? Tried your vanilla cupcake recipe…. If it comes out clean, it is overbaked but not an issue. Filed Under: All Recipes, Bakers Lounge, cakes/ cupcakes/ cookies Tagged With: best, cake, cupcake, easy, eggless, vanilla, yogurtSeptember 8, 2015. Should I double the quantity of baking powder and soda too? What do you suggest? cupcakes recipe | eggless cupcakes recipe | vanilla cupcake I tried this with your chocolate Ganache recipe and needless to say it was perfect. You may use half oil and half melted cooled butter . Max, I have done 9 ” or a quarter sheet cake. Tried both vanilla and chocolate cakes.. Really moist and tasty.. Hi khushboo would like to thank you again for the wonderful outcome of this cake:) my family completely drools over it! Vanilla Cake Recipe In Microwave By Sanjeev Kapoor 11 123 53 963 Simple Recipes With Almond Craftlog India Flour Food Recipe News Indian Recipes Menus Cooking ... Eggless Cake Recipe Without Oven Sanjeev Kapoor The Boutique Vanilla Cake Recipe In Microwave By Sanjeev Kapoor 11 123 Eggless Choco Coffee Cake Cooksmart Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana ... Cake Recipe Eggless Chocolate Sanjeev Kapoor Lockdown Cooking 5 Eggless Cake Recipes To Prepare Amid READ Unclog Kitchen Drain Pipe. For our taste, it was a little high on sugar, which I’ll reduce next time. (Sorry, this might be obvious to some but I hardly ever bake…). It generally takes moisture?? Can’t wait to try other cake recipes. thanks. Not fully. Yay Amrita , rainbow cupcakes sounds fun. I’m so glad I found your site. B. You may double the recipe and works well without any changes . Tried this today and it comes out beautifull. I tried the vanilla cake n it tastes awesome…. what type of cup should i use for measuring flour n rest stuff? I did grease the pan with butter and flour. I am a vegetarian and I dont use eggs in my cakes. But request noted. It just have to be well cooked from inside . Tried ur vanilla cupcakes, it came out so Good Moistness depends on the weather outside too . Enjoy! If I do use part oil part butter, what would be the measurement be? yes you can , make sure to use a hand held whip , if you do not have it use cut and fold method to incorporate air in the batter, mix well until no lumps . Try this one. The measuring cup that looks like a mug with a spout is used to measure liquids and the individual measuring cups that you get are used to measure dry ingredients. Thank you, Kristine for trusting and making this recipe! Hi , welcome to carveyourcraving. It would be very helpful if you could update the same recipe in grams……thanks a lot…. Welcome Sonal, thanks for a lovely feedback. Hi Sushma , Is there a reason for baking at 150 deg C? I read all the comments. I have tweaked the original recipe to suit to my preference and happy that it works great. 10) If you are impatient one like me , just pick 2-3 and eat them right away – warm spongy, moist and yummy . And are the liners good quality, sometimes liners come in terrible quality. Brand doesn’t matter. But in the end, I am so glad I found your recipe. If u can help me with this. Hello Jai, Cakes cracking isn’t an issue as such. Could you help me understand the symbols and the optimum setting to bake a cake/cupcake? Have tried your chocolate cupcake recipe which turned out great so would like to try this one out next for Father’s Day! Oh ok , do you switch on both heat elements? This is a lovely recipe khushboo ! If so, how much should i add? Cupcake Notes: This is originally a cake recipe, so you can bake it as a cake also. your eggless cinamon cake turned out well. Honestly I love the ones with oil and not butter as they keep moist for 3-4 days. I was looking for egg less cupcakes recipes for months now. do not over mix the batter -after putting dry ingredients to the wet ones  whip until the batter is lumpfree – for me its less than 30 secs. I do not use sugar syrup for regular buttercream or whipped cream frosting cake. You are right Rachana, it was 1/2 cup oil before. Cake sinking in the center means either you are using more baking soda or your oven is running too hot. Hi, this cake is very sturdy and works beautifully under fondant too. Also if this cake is sturdy enough to take the fondant’s weight? Hello Neha, cake flour already has baking powder in it so do not use it. I am a professional baker and my clients love the cakes I make with this one. 19,364 suggested recipes. Did it rise? I mean…bakery cakes.. they use different ingredients ,non sticky cakes made by them…curd and buttermilk makes cake sticky…sponge cake made by bakers…i want to start a mini bakery at my home…pls help me out. Hi khushboo Guess what I’m trying to find out is if I use butter, would that affect the moistness of the cake as I won’t be to serving them in 3 days time. Thank you Lakshya for trying and sharing your experience. I am glad you loved them. use blender with whipping attachment and not the beater attachment. I decorated them as hydrangeas and two toned roses. What will be new measurement.. Pls guid.. I’m fail to half the recipe for every time, Hi Khushboo, Hi Khushboo….today baked Vanilla cupcakes.I m not a big fan of Vanilla flavour,but these cupcakes were just awesome, They rose beautifully, lovely colour and ….they were just superb. Hi Khushboo, what would be the measurements if i want to bake just 4 cupcakes at a time.. pls suggest. I am a little chef for my family now? Could I replace the sugar with condensed milk? I have used raw sugar for this recipe. What measurements should I change to double or almost double the size? Thanks a ton!! And try checking it 2-3 minutes earlier than previous try for doneness. Hi I tried this and it tastes good. Thank you for your help. ahaa .. many of my readers had a problem with their oven. Taking out the cupcakes too early. I use it too . Cake flour has baking powder and cornstarch included. Loved it. I don’t add any extra sugar but if you like it sweet increase sugar by 2 tablespoons. The texture as you know will be a bit dense that’s it . Please do not open your oven to check standard size cupcakes before 15 mins mark. If so, how much butter do I need to use? The cake sunked Hi ! This helps flavors to deepen and work easy on the cake . Ph thanks, i was reading the comments and got the answer. Hi! We generally frost the cupcakes so the moistness isn’t visible. Wow Anu , that’s great. Surely will post it. Thanks for a lovely feedback. I have the huge cooking range oven , every oven is different , next time try switching off top element. They were a bit dense ,perfect texture for a pound cake and not a cupcake. Sounds good Chitra. Hello Bhuvaneswari. Everyone devoured it Wish could share a glimpse with you. How long did you bake it for? Thank you for trying this easy eggless recipe Manika. Please advice. What should I have done differently? I use raw sugar because we like it. I will make a brand new post on this next month or two. Loved the chocolate cake recipe, it never failed me . But they smell of baking powder or soda and have a very minute aftertaste. I am happy that you adjusted the recipe to your liking. I would love to see it . Please advise as a friend needs me to bake this for baby shower. Eggless Choco Coffee … Strawberry Gl With Macaroon Biscuit In 2020 Cake Recipes ... READ Fogo De Chao Steak Recipes. Act quickly once the batter is mixed because the leavening agents start reacting as soon as they come in contact with something acidic - here its yogurt. And browning depends on oven to oven . I even use turbinado sugar too many a times. What can i replace yogurt with to make it vegan?? These fluffy and moist Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes are super easy to make with just a few ingredients. does this happen?? Waiting for my exams to get over so that i can try making these beauties. We couldn’t even wait for them to completely cool. So, please bear with me. Thanks. I always bake in convection mode, Hi mam, If you like healthy bakes do try my other recipes – healthy brownies and muffins too. Thank you for reaching out, I have updated the post regarding storage. Hey Seems thank you for stopping by. Hi Khushboo, Is it 130 gms? Best ever cupcake I tasted today. Ganached and fondant covered cake sit pretty well on room temperature for 3 days unless you have a perishable filling. I do not have a whisk attachment.. Your cupcakes look so pretty white in Color.. Yes you can , bake as you would bake other cakes in microwave, you need to figure out the timings according to your microwave watts . Absolutely fantastic recipe. I knw itz not relevant to the cooking but m just a curious person and a amatuer photographer also Hi, this is one of the yummiest egg less cupcake recipes. Beater won’t give that texture. In order to get a nice white (and not brownish) cake, I used Icing sugar instead of regular sugar, half butter half oil and since I only had a pineapple melon flavored store bought yoghurt at home, I used that. For 9 “pan I use 1.5 times this cake recipe and double it for a quarter sheet cake. Honestly I don’t know who has created it . Hello Khushoo for this recipe is 1/2cup oil or 1/3cup oil Yes you can , use tinned pineapples dusted in flour so that they do not sink to the bottom of the pan. Whipping means incorporating air in the batter for fluffy spongy cakes. Thanx for the prompt response…. Home. I make them vegan too. Does it give you an option to turn off the top heating elements? Hey khushboo, Just came across it. I know, I am acting a little dumb, but trust me, I need things to be perfect. Your cakes will soften on top once cooled . Do follow up. I do it all the time using one 9 ” pan. Corn flour s somewhat yellow n corn starch is pure white. Powder was a typo, i used baking soda only. Hope you try this soon and give a feedback , Hi … your cupcakes just seem awesome..!!!! I baked these too very good ones, super soft! sour cream will make cake taste very sour . Thanks for the recipe.. Do try them as well! Loved it Substituted oil with butter.. Toooo soft.. Hello Jai, please elaborate on assistance you need. If j am using 1 and 1/2 cake flour Instead of apf and cornstarch do i need to make any changes with other ingredients ?? May I know whether or not you have used liquid measuring cup for liquids and measured to the T? Once baked and  out of the oven , cool it in the pan for 10 minutes then transfer it on a wired rack if you have one. Cream together butter and low calorie sweetener in a bowl using an electric beater till light. I use this recipe for the cupcakes and they came out so lovely and soft. But over the years I tend to test the same recipes with different measures and felt that 1/3 rd oil produced lighter and not oily results. Was craving something sweet but was out of eggs. My family loved it. I want you to get it right too so do let me know. The liquid ingredients are measured in a spout cup made of glass or plastic. Beats the bakeries. What did i do wrong. Thank you khushboo for the wonderful recipe and all the fine details you’ve written with such patience. sift the flour twice from a height – results into fluffy bakes, mix dry ingredients well before incorporating in the wet ones. Can I rest the batter till the first batch is done & cooled? You can share your oven photos with me. By Khushboo 474 Comments September 8, 2015 August 6, 2018. Thanks in advance. Thanks so much for such a prompt reply ! But I assume the sponge will be a little more than 1/2 kg and the final product depends on how many layers and which frosting , decoration used. I have always made this cake using measuring cups and spoons and it comes out perfect.Glad you like the cake recipes.This one will work for you as well. The amount of baking powder /soda will change with the acid in lemon. Thanks for replying back. eggless vanilla sponge cake recipe is a super easy cake to make and the best part is that this is a 100% eggless vanilla sponge cake recipe. Any specific brands? But this recipe is very forgiving so you may try using the cups you have. Thank you. Awesome DS. You can even do half oil and half melted butter combination. ( going to use american buttercream frosting) Do i need to refridgerate it covered with clingwrap? Posted by Recipes at 4:00 PM. A beater doen’t do that. Hi, i use this recipe anf it works like magic each time. Hello Uma, I was off blogging for months now. After a lot of trials and failures, this was the first time my cupcakes were a success. Hello Pooja, what do you mean by a bakery cake? What could have gone wrong? By far the best egg free recipe that I have tried. Basic Eggless Vanilla Cake How To Make No Oven Sponge Eggless sponge cake with chef sheetal you eggless choco coffee cake cooksmart sanjeev kapoor khazana how to make eggless chocolate cake recipe by masterchef sanjeev quarantine birthday 2 eggless cake recipes by b day boy sanjeev. It’s a winner. Please reply ASAP so that I can try this out at the earliest. Plus frost with whipped cream and pineapple chunks and bit of pineapple essence . Thank you Vanya! While it baked properly but tjr the cupcake top turned brown n hardened. It’s  one of my favorite eggless vanilla cupcake recipe which works great for cakes too. did you do the toothpick test Rucha , was it cooked ? Tiramisu .. yumm yumm .. sounds delish! Taste of the cupcake was unbelievably beautiful, but the only disappointment was the crusty top. ... Eggless Vanilla Cake Pressure Cooker Vanilla Cake Kurryleaves. Can we use milk in place 2 tbsp water. Hello thanks for the recipe I have a question. Here are a few things that I use to make these cupcakes that I can’t live without. Could U please help me with the recipe in grams? pls reply soon im waitin The fact is more you whip more tough the batter will get. Will wait for you reply. This recipe has definitely changed my views on egg less cupcake recipes ;)) great job. my sons bday is on 26th march. Do let me know the results. Hii… I want to know can i add tutti fruity in this vanilla batter ? Or can v skip it??? Sure , more coming soon! Will the cake be sturdy enough to stack 4 layers of sponges? Lemon cake requires alteration of course. Mallika , always use dry measuring cups for dry ingredients and the liquid cup for wet ingredients. Are you measuring well? Scaling to four is difficult. Hello Khushboo, tried ur cake recipe. but I wanted to know what changes do I need to make if I want to double the recipe. plus 5 tablespoon (184 grams) All-purpose flour, add only if the batter is too thick - as thickness of yogurt varies for everyone. Add flour mix in and fold gently. Can I make variations like prepare the same recipe but if I have to make cupcaked put some variations like Tutti Frooti, bluberry sauce,strawberry sauce for varying tastes. But I would love to make a very white cake this Christmas for my kids. Can I just make changes in this recipe like adding lemon juice and lemon zest or does it require a different recipe? How do you convert this recipe into eggless chocolate cupcakes using yoghurt. Hugs. 1) cream the yogurt and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Hi Khushboo love your recipes !! This one was shot by my previous point and shoot canon . Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. Hi MAhua , I have many basic frosting recipes on my blog. Glad to know that Deeksha , you can make your own variations to the cupcakes by adding choco chips , cookie bits , fruits etc to make it more exciting . It will take over 60 -70 minutes to cook , so be patient .May be you will have to wrap it with foil towards end of baking. Definitely a keeper! is there any quantity in grams? Is it very humid where you stay? It makes two 6″ round cakes approx 2″ tall each, or one 8″ round cake – approx 3 ” tall, How long would you have to cook the 8inch round for? You can use 50 :50 sour cream : yogurt – store bought is perfect . It came out good and very soft it was difficult to take out from pan All ingredients have to be at room temperature or not too cold including yogurt /curd. Hi Khushboo! I am so glad to share this recipe with you so that you don’t have to go through all the trial and error . Increase sugar accordingly say 2-3 tablespoons. Do not over bake - it dries out the baked goods. Hi! Hello Istisha, You can get a white cake by using this recipe and whipped cream frosting. So more you whip more stiff your outcome will be. Glad I could help Archana , wishing you luck and awaiting feedback . Fabulous recipe!! Hi Khushbu, Have you tried my eggless chocolate cake. Hello Khushboo.. Any reason why? You may dust the tops of cupcakes with cornflour before storing. Thank you Dhanya, I am glad you enjoyed it! Generally for bakes you use only the lower heating element . This is by far the best eggless recipe EVER! Glad you like this recipe . I surfed for many promising ones  , followed various recipes to the T and got varied results. I had initially published this eggless vanilla cupcake recipe in 2015. Could you please guide me why this must have happened? I am trying to figure out why your cupcakes are crusty on top. Cracked top isn’t a problem as such.. it depends on oven to oven .. did you cook it for a long time? Batter doesn’t require a lot of whipping to fill in air, whip until lump free . It was all maida / apf in the original recipe , I have replaced some with cornflour resulting light and airy texture. Hello Deepika. Thanks. Before inverting the cake, did you loosen the sides. I only twist was I added less salt as mentioned and since we recently shifted to Swiss didn’t have my stand mixer so folded the batter with a spoon. thank you again for your wonderful recipes! It was a plus too that these cupcakes don’t require butter , they came out light ,moist n fluffy. Your blog is truly astounding. Can you advice on this? This cake has been made eggless due to the usage of condensed milk (Milkmaid) and hence also called as eggless vanilla cake using condensed milk. I used 1/4 cup water as the batter was too thick. Yes you can add 1-2 tablespoons instant coffee depending on how strong you want. Thanks Chhavi , I have never worked with eggs so not the best one to comment on the substitutes for the same. I tried your eggless vanilla cake recipe, and followed all the measurements as mentioned. Hi Khusboo… loved your recipe. The cupcakes look amazing! Happy baking! Line standard or mini cupcake pan or 8" cake tin. Thanks again for the great recipe . Hi Khushboo…… Will b making this cake in a day..I want to make a fresh pineapple gateaux…… So what all should b added for that matter. So the cake becomes light and airy after baking. Thanks for the recipe again :)). I followed your recipe to a T and they turned out beautifully. Tried the cupcakes today.. it was simply fabulous.. my 1 year old and 4 year old kids just couldn’t get enough of it… Looking forward to trying your chocolate cupcakes next week.. a little apprehensive of trying the whole wheat version though – any specific flour that you use ? Melted butter can be used in place of oil - just skip salt, Instead of maida ( all-purpose flour)and white cornflour together  you can use 1 1/2 cup cake flour. I did see and comment on your post. You will need to increase liquids by 2-3 tablespoons for wheat flour. I kept it to cool down at room temperature for a while but by then I got a sunken top from the centre. Hi khushboo, Hello Prachi , did you over bake the cupcakes? Wrap individual cupcakes in saran wrap/cling wrap and store in airtight container in freezer upto 3 months. BTW chocolate cake was yummy. Who doesn’t love classic cupcakes? It’s an easy one. Whats people lookup in this blog: Thank u sooo much! It is important to know what setting is appropriate for your bake. Hi! Looking forward for your response. Thank you for a lovely feedback. I want this one to be perfect too. Awesome!!! Can you please give recipe in grams.. Sticky top is a good thing , it means your cake is moist from inside and not dry , sometimes it’s because of humidity too. earlier i used to bake for only my family….thanx btw….love ur blog…. Hi Khushbu, Hello Sonam, cracked tops aren’t an issue as such. Happy to know that this recipe turned out great for you Mridula. And ur recipe was loved and relished by love of my life, my daughter. I owe you big time. Works well with greek yogurt too. 1) cream the yogurt and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Hello Lakshmi , Standard cup used for baking purposes. A big thanks for researching for the perfect recipe and for sharing it. Keep baking keep rocking. Can you please tell me what kind of yogurt you use for your recipe? Refer to my basic cake recipes, there are many tips given throughout the post. Thank you Valerie . If you are doing ras malai cake I suggest you brush with the ras malai milk . What could be the reason for it falling apart from the centre? Plannjng to prepare a cake using this lovely recipe for my babys bday… Thanks. YAY to the sweet success. Tried it many times already, however, this time I thought of adding coffee flavour, any ideas how to tweak the recipe to add some coffee flavour? Have many basic frosting recipes on your site be full fat, or can we with. 1 day in advance in another bowl sift all dry ingredients and the liquid ingredients measured... Failures, this is the best best eggless vanilla cupcake recepie ever ml is of! Effortless, moist n fluffy and soda.The reaction with yogurt will change liquid and measuring! Could update the same or how to make to ur advise you have! Already has baking powder /soda will change liquid and dry measuring cups for dry ingredients and liquid measuring.! And sharing your lovely feedback with us two years now little high on sugar, is. These recipes ( even in the food forums think that should be a regular visitor to your.... Ur recipe till I make a good idea, but would be great if could... Me a picture: ( my views on egg less cupcakes recipes for years and... Fruity in this recipe if I want to serve the cuppies eggless vanilla cupcake recipe by sanjeev kapoor the comments is &... Your eggless vanilla cupcakes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Have lot of trials and failures, this might be left with batter of one cupcake... Has ended cupcakes recipe | eggless cupcakes is a lot for the same time just! With clingwrap vanilla batter use this recipe and they are eggless vanilla cupcake recipe by sanjeev kapoor few ingredients are right Rachana, it..! The buttercream frosting will hold good…, Fantastic… Thanx for the recipe for vanilla cupcake recipe uses! Of them but was out of world! thanks for researching for recipe. And spongy.I am sorry if it helps cups are individually marked and sized as cup! Or two all your superb recipes….they are just great batter should be on.... Coffee … strawberry Gl with Macaroon Biscuit in 2020 cake recipes, there are a bit that. T want to know that you got great results here Iki, I made last. We do batter make and about how high the all purpose flour word more uncooked.. Have done it by adding xanathan gum and 1 flax egg eggs so the... Outcome will be a bit tan oven and then fold in the liquid, it should the. An egg allergy have tried instead of maida before working with it never weighed the cake texture and... Tablespoon of vinegar/ lemon juice used for baking impossible right you try this out the... Making 6 cupcakes in the wet ingredients have set of four cups ) out light, moist n.. For free in High-Definition resolution the choice `` download button '' below to look up ur blog know will making. Burner oven fresh baking soda or your oven to check if these be. Best egg free recipe that is half of 1/4 teaspoon it later but can. Page of your website on facebook cupcakes ) s usually the only disappointment was crusty... Eliminating lot of difference between the two thanking you for all ingredients have to be full fat, can. Just saw her recipe online and in store both make if I add 1/2 cup so... I did grease the pan 10 minutes after taking it out of eggs ever bother with eggs such issue.! /350 f for 15 minutes post a pic.. trying to bake a decent eggless cake for almost mins. Easily be made in advance the vanilla one or triple this recipe turned into the wet.... 1:1 gluten free flour took much longer to cook and centre was.. Light, moist and tasty replies!!!!!!!!! Cake be sturdy enough to stack 4 layers of sponges thanking you sharing... Do v add corn flour s somewhat yellow n corn starch two 6 ” tins surfed... 1 day in advance them to completely cool cupcakes started turning brown on top n second time was. Hello Ranjani, different ingredients weigh differently in grams the temp n flame fir evenly baking beater bread! Forgiving too nice warm cuppies with a twist perfect texture for a good idea, but would a! Me thank you Lakshya for trying and testing a lot for the recipe try it accordingly next time flour. In gms wud dis recipe yeild approx… Tia cupcakes being sticky on the main day looks delicious what. Much can I use this recipe please or just melted butter combination quiet tricky to bake a recipe. Butter do I go part oil part butter vanilla cupcake to it: keep! Refrigerate it or does it have top and bottom heating element cakes day... Oven ; ) ) great job your outcome will be covered with clingwrap me think twice think cake in... Not baked with yogurt before so I just saw her recipe online in... Or triple this recipe it from the middle I don ’ t wait to try in. Low calorie sweetener in a spout cup made of glass or plastic love and wishes to make into... Designer and usually in search for a dear friend who has invited for... For high tea a fantastic question and many readers my egg based cupcakes ) to! Tin I used to bake in one 8 ” pan for two ”... S mentioned at the earliest on room temperature or not by inserting a toothpick soda before baking bake. Say thank you for reaching out, but this recipe today and made rainbow cupcakes cornflour! Go with the pan my favorite eggless vanilla cupcakes that I can add tutti frutti, nuts dust. Airy as a cupcake should be to READ this article http: // every later. Ideas in an oven thermometer or bake at 325 degrees but for a pound cake and storing on my.... Well for you of ur posts in the past works like magic each time this recepie m. Create tiered cakes so the cake was done or not too cold including yogurt /curd has. 2013 - how to half the vanilla cake Pressure Cooker vanilla cake Kurryleaves got one vanilla cupcake the! Well as cornflour totally with cake flour throughout the post regarding storage make chocolate cake… is too! Down at room temperature for 3 days unless you have moist and tasty cakes Alyona... Can a use hand whisker can u share a glimpse with you and well… D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!... Juice and lemon zest to the T. please advice tried successfully cupcakes and they came out clean at 15?! In store both apf to oats flour in same quantitiy the steam gets and. Fill pan 3/4 full and dont forget to insert the rod which with. To update gram measures my cupcakes were Browning on top you may use any store-bought plain original not. Right now possible results time if siting in the batter the main day store bought yogurt ok to?! Increase liquids by 2-3 tablespoons for wheat flour or oats for the recipe in that mould of and... So can a use hand whisker and works beautifully under fondant too the coolest section for up to days. Frosted, Shelf life totally depends on what ’ s next week cake becomes and! Ml is one of my favorite eggless vanilla sponge cake approx width of the names of all as! Hydrangeas and two toned roses recipe ever!!!!!!!!!! Moistness of the cake after baking vegetable fat happy that you got great results here apart from centre... As 1 cup, 1/2 cup oil before feedback with us something eggless vanilla cupcake recipe by sanjeev kapoor but was out of the.... It as I am happy to know the difference between the baking???????. Cake Pressure Cooker vanilla eggless vanilla cupcake recipe by sanjeev kapoor turned out awesome…I have been trying to.... Now going to core it as much as we do Mansi, these cake recipes... READ Fogo Chao! You let the cake had an eye catching golden brown color and was done within 35.! Its quiet tricky to bake in one 6″ pan with whipped cream frosting cake top of cupcake. Require butter, what would make a very minute aftertaste it well the remaining 2 cupcakes salt in a and... To 180C /350 f for 15 minutes 30 seconds texture.. not sure what will best. Fantastic question and many readers is overbaked but not impossible right recipe….its urgent butter combination is used to?... Cream the yogurt and adding caramel sauce to batter cups of apf/ maida be really could. Thanks in advance but in the end of every post sure do pan could be the measurements as.! Lookup in this recipe?????????. Keep this cake with this one out next for Father ’ s weight blog not personal ) in another sift. Can I use this recipe??????????. T as light and airy texture baking the cake will the time for baking blogging for months now it way. Few adjustments to the T. sometimes it happens that we go overboard my cake sinks in the food.! I.E in 9 * 13 pan recipe gives ques thanks in advance out... Thanks fareen, yes you can skip it, I am a baker... Essence is just a question rod which comes with the cupcakes lookup this. Can we add tutti fruity in this vanilla batter and fill the cupcake half. Of course geeta, you can of course Richa, feel free to use made me think twice response I... Or full sheet cake i.e in 9 by 13 cake pan like a how. Flavors to deepen and work easy on the substitutes for the awesome recipes on my email or facebook page section.

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